Thursday, October 18, 2007

ergh- exams

Dreaded HSC exams on at the moment...
So minimal, no, non-existant posting.
But after that.... oh the possibilities!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

computer camp love

Song by Data Rock. Its an addictive twist on the old Greece song. The video is just as quirky.

stuart haygarth

I cannot believe I haven't posted about Stuart Haygarth. So I'm making up for it now. He is the designer that inspired my design&tech major work, and indirectly my art body of work too. Isn't he awesome?! If you haven't seen this stuff, you haven't lived. More on his site.

From top to bottom, the pieces use; unwanted lampshades, party poppers, old glasses...My favourite is the last one- the 'Tide Chandelier' made from bits and pieces washed up on the Kent coastline. I think it adds a whole new facet to design when you create something new out of existing objects; it becomes that little bit more amazing.