Monday, November 26, 2007

thea proctor

Althea Mary (Thea) Proctor- 1879-1966. I love her style; the intensity of colour and strength of the bold line. It's sort of empowering and passionate. Which I suppose is why her works were called, 'dangerously modern' at the time. Maybe due to its feminist nature (i.e. a female artist depicting women- shock!) and, dare I say, hints of same sex romance. I also love George Lambert's (a close friend) portrait of her, middle- it's so elegant.

ginger & smart

Another label, Ginger & Smart. I can't get over the honeycomb pattern, in fact I'm having cravings for it. Largely because I can't afford it.
Hey... I went to school with the girl in the middle of the bottom photo! How funny.

yeojin bae

"Bae's earliest memory is of watching her grandfather create elaborate dresses in her birthplace of Seoul when she was about two. And from that moment on, following in her grandfather's footsteps was all she wanted to do." Migrating to Australia, Bae "enrolled for a full-time fashion degree at Sydney's Whitehouse Institute of Design, despite being officially too young."
Excerpt from Sunday Magazine Sept 07

In my opinion, that passion radiates from her pieces, and they are also very wearable. Yeojin Bae.

Monday, November 12, 2007


NEL has been appearing round design blogs for a while. Therefore they are obviously rather special. Brilliant ideas.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

one teaspoon one piece

I have the biggest summer crush on Aussie clothing and swimwear label One Teaspoon, largely because they satisfy my one piece cossie fantasies. Aaaand I've had the revolutionary realisation that you can wear your onepiece...wait for a top (as in the second image)!! Ok, probably not the most original idea, but one whose band wagon I fully intend to jump on. Then I can learn how to surf in the safety of secure attire.