Friday, January 25, 2008

tim hawkinson

A new favourite artist. damn, he is so good! I am aiming to convey my enthusiasm without too many exclamation marks. oh what the hell. Amazing! Brilliant! Superduper!
His materials- big fan of making 'stuff' out of 'junk',
his visual concepts- more intriguing than anything i've ever seen,
his practice- out of this world (never thought of before).
They say that with modernism died the avante garde, the new and individual. But this guy has done things never done before. Ok, ok so that's not quite true- he uses photocollage and recycled materials and the idea of music in art, methods and ideas initiated in prior art movements, but his work is still entirely original. Go see an exhibition (currently showing at the MCA in Sydney), or, if you can't make one, buy a book on him. with lots of pictures.
These works are also interactive- sensors trigger motion in the pieces. There are noises and movements. they are such wonders of engineering that the audience must go and examine the works to figure out exactly how that tapping noise is made, or follow the wires from the battery through the switch to the dripping water. (my younger brother loved it) This may not all make sense, but it's all absolute brilliance.

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